Complete Solutions

in tube bending & pipe welding technology


Components from high-grade material

Widespread specialisation in the turning, milling, bending & welding technology at TUBE-TEC enables manufacturing of singles & fabrication of complete assemblies, here are just a few:

  • Combustion chamber pipework/piping systems with welded / brazed fittings
  • Pump connections incl. pipework/piping systems
  • Heating kits
  • Sensitive bent parts combined with diverse configurations of turned & milled parts
  • Oil & gas pipework/piping systems
  • Highly demanding & sensitive fluid pipework
  • as well as every form & type of fittings incl. pipework/piping systems

Specialised in the physical processing of `difficult´ materials such as Inconel, austenitic steels, Duplex steels, Hastelloy and high temperature-resistant Nickel alloys, TUBE-TEC is the forerunner when it comes to international know-how.

Mechanical workshops with state-of-the-art CNC processing centers from names such as DMG MORI, in which the product is `intimately´ measured and comprehensively tested in the course of fabrication, and CT scanning / X-ray possibilities for complete subassemblies on our own premises.

We can guarantee highly-precise & rapid manufacturing speeds, even when talking about large-volume production figures.


  • Most modern CNC lathes & milling machines
  • Orbital welding guns with the absolute latest welding technology
  • Digital X-raying of complete subassemblies
  • Physical processing of `difficult´ materials such as austenitic steels, Duplex steels, Inconel materials, Hastelloy, and high temperature-resistant Nickel alloys.
fittings incl. pipework/piping systems 

fittings incl. pipework/piping systems

Assemblie with coils 

Assemblie with coils

Assemblie with fittings 

Assemblie with fittings

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