Complete Solutions

in tube bending & pipe welding technology


Enormous know-how in challenging materials

Especially in the fabrication of complex tube coil systems we are dealing with not only enormous know-how in bending technology, but also the issue of welding technology expertise.

Here the demands placed on us by technical standards/codes (EN, ASME) for the processing of challenging materials such as fine-grained steels, creep-resistant steels, heat-resistant steels, austenitic CrNi steels, Nickel-based steels or even from mixed bondings of various material groups such as heat treatment required reach levels that only a few specialised companies can master.

TUBE-TEC was one of the first to qualify as welding technology specialist and today possesses in excess of 120 different welding procedure tests in accordance with ISO 15614-1,-2,-6,-8.

Continuous further training and securing the high level of welding technology are prioritised by TUBE-TEC with a constant number of more than 20 apprentices in metalworking for on-going replenishment in qualified welding technology personnel.

A large number of own welding technicians (EWT) and welding engineers (EWE) compile welding & testing plans and personally monitor fabrication of the complex components up to final acceptance.

Our welding processes

  • Wolfram inert gas welding process 141/142, with/without filler material, cold wire and hot wire, manual, mechanised, part-automatic
  • Plasma welding process 15, manual, mechanised, part-automatic
  • Orbital welding process 141/142, with/without filler material
  • Metal active gas welding process 135/136 with solid wire electrodes or flux-core wire electrodes

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